[title size=”2″]You can help spread the word about Imerman Angels on social media![/title]

Social media makes it easy and fun for you to help further the Imerman Angels mission. About 30 percent of our existing network of cancer survivors and fighters learn about Imerman Angels via social media. Start sharing to help make a difference!


  • Mention @ImermanAngels in posts to provide a link for those who wish to learn more about the service we provide.
  • Feature Imerman Angels in status updates.
  • Invite your Facebook friends to the next Imerman Angels event.
  • #ImermanAngels #MentorAngel #CancerSupport #OneOnOneSupport



  • Mention @ImermanAngels in tweets and use Imerman Angels related hashtags like the following in your tweets: #ImermanAngels #MentorAngel #CancerSupport #OneOnOneSupport



  • Post and share pictures from Imerman Angels/Team Imerman Angels events and use Imerman Angels related hashtags.  #ImermanAngels #MentorAngel #CancerSupport #OneOnOneSupport