Pancreatic Cancer Fighter
So thrilled to have conversation tonight with Suzanne. She is just what I needed and will continue to have her as my “Angel”. She is to be commended for all she has gone through and her knowledge and insight has given me new thinking and feelings into my life. Her presence over the phone was so real, I felt she was in the room with me. She is so valuable to me. Thank you for the perfect connection!

Breast Cancer Fighter
Vicki is an incredible woman! We’ve been in touch for almost a year. She is one amazing person! She has the most wonderful voice, wonderful laugh, and wonderful attitude. She lifted me up many times when I was not doing so great. My scans now show that I have no evidence of disease and it is such a huge relief! I thank Vicki and I thank Imerman Angels for giving me hope and a friend for life.

Cervical Cancer Fighter
Having a mentor has been a beacon in the dark. Just knowing she is there and responds to my issues is very comforting. I don’t have anyone else in my life who has experienced cancer. Having someone who understands the impact of cancer is very helpful and someone who had my cancer is even more helpful.
Bladder Cancer Survivor
The most valuable thing I had during my diagnosis was what I learned from my Mentor. I went from being completely blindsided, not knowing what to expect at all, to going into my procedure with open eyes. He even visited me in the hospital after my surgery. I was blown away by his generosity, support, and kindness. I asked him how I could ever repay him and he said the best thing to do was to pay it forward by becoming a Mentor and so I did. I hope I can impact someone the way he impacted me!

I am thankful Jay saw the benefit of our interaction. We both enjoyed it and it was a great experience for me as well. I am thankful I had the opportunity to help in the slightest way. I am also very thankful for Imerman Angels and I kick myself for not getting involved with you guys years earlier. I am very interested in getting another mentee soon.
Rectal Cancer Survivor
The fact that Imerman Angels is there globally and nationally, it’s such a miraculous thing. it is so easy to access. The most important tool I had in my healing process was keeping a positive attitude. My amazing Imerman Angel, Donna, demonstrated this to me at every turn. I used her courage and strength and undaunted attitude as my model. I could not have done it without her! Everyone going through cancer should have someone like that and I am so excited to give back!


Caregiver, Bile Duct Cancer
Imerman Angels is wonderful! The whole process has been smooth and easy. Great staff, quick mentor assignment who fits me and my experience very well. I’m so thankful to have her in my life during this journey. I am so thankful for my Mentor Angel, Alexis, and Imerman Angels! I just can’t believe this wonderful organization exists and that I was able to be matched with someone with such a similar experience. I hope to be a mentor someday. Each day is a gift for my family.

Caregiver, Glioblastoma
I am very fortunate to have a Mentor Angel. She helped me get through the initial stages of my husband’s diagnosis. She answered all my questions and let me cry through my shock. I was beyond thrilled that I got to meet her and her family in person this last March when she visited CA. She is my rock and my inspiration.

Caregiver, Ewing's Sarcoma
My Mentor Angel and I have become fast friends. Turns out her husband is a survivor of the same type of cancer my husband had.  Both guys got in touch and have been communicating for almost a year now. Caregivers and cancer patients really understand what goes on when someone has cancer.  Imerman Angels makes the connection so easy- and that connection is truly life saving!

I’m Too Young For This! Cancer Foundation, 12-Year Young Adult Survivor
The most important support I needed after my diagnosis was to simply talk to others who understood.”

Thyroid Cancer Fighter
“Imerman Angels provides in exceedingly measurable form one of the most vital yet sorely lacking support infrastructures throughout the young adult survivorship community; the need for immediate peer support. Through education and collaboration they exemplify the notion that the young adult social movement is a voice that will be ignored no longer.”

STAR Program: Survivors Taking Action & Responsibility, Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center of Northwestern University
“When I learned about Imerman Angels, I thought that my STAR Program patients, who are all adult survivors of childhood cancer could really contribute to their cause. It offers them a unique opportunity to “give back” to patients who are facing the same difficulties they faced. I am so glad to hear that many of my patients did get involved with this great organization.”