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Imerman Angels Socials: At various hospitals throughout the city of Chicago and Chicago suburbs, share the Imerman Angels message, pass out brochures, and sign up people to become Mentor Angels or to receive support! The objective of Imerman Angels socials is to have the opportunity to meet as many patients and family members as possible in order to educate them on Imerman Angels’ program, but more importantly, to provide them with the hope and inspiration that they are not alone in their journey with cancer. Must have completed volunteer orientation to attend.

Imerman Angels Social Captain: This position will give its participant(s) a firsthand view of outreach in hospitals, while working for a close-knit nonprofit organization. Imerman Angels Socials are events where we bring food and drinks to area hospitals, and converse with cancer patients and their caregivers. These socials are incredible events where you can truly see why Imerman Angels exists, and how by just being there for someone, you can make a huge difference in someone’s life. Participants will be a team leader for a small group of volunteers, and serve as mediators between hospital staff and volunteers, they will also be responsible for transporting materials to and from events. The time commitment can be as few as 5 hours per month, as each hospital typically has one Social event per month. We ask that applicants have availability during at least one of these timeframes: Tuesdays from 10AM-2PM, Tuesdays from 1PM-3:30PM, Wednesdays from 10AM-1PM, Thursdays from 10AM-1PM, or Thursdays from 10:30AM-2PM. If more than one of these works with your schedule, you are more than welcome to captain more than one event per month if you are interested. You must have completed an orientation to be eligible.

Performance Objectives:

  • Serve as a point-person for hospital staff and volunteers at Social events.
  • Pick up materials prior to events, and drop materials off after.
  • Serve as a professional, personable, and caring Imerman Angels representative.
  • Provide emotional support to those you encounter and ensure the cancer fighters and caregivers receive the support they’re requesting, so no one has to face cancer alone!

Preferred Skills & Experience

  • A desire to help share conversation and care for cancer fighters.
  • A graduate level student/recent graduate in the fields of psychology, social work, or counseling.
  • We are a small office, and we rely upon our abilities to work and enjoying working with each other. Candidates be able to communicate in a professional manner with everyone they come in contact with.
  • The ability to work under a deadline and to multi-task effectively
  • Strong leadership skills, and the ability to work both with a team and also independently with little instruction.

Orientation dates are listed on this webpage.

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