Using mindfulness when things feel beyond your control

Emotional wellness is a resource. It is a subjective experience we influence. And, when things are difficult and uncertain, it is still possible to cultivate and maintain a sense of wellbeing. Mindfulness supports emotional wellness. Mindfulness can be thought of as a superpower. It can be used to stabilize the mind, enhance gratitude, and nurture joy even during life’s most challenging circumstances.

In this one-hour session approaches will be shared that will support you to activate mindfulness and enhance your personal sense of emotional wellbeing. Our presenter will introduce practical ways to integrate mindful awareness into daily life and specifically how to address the challenges of “scan anxiety,” difficulty sleeping, and uncertainty. A short activity, meditation, time for questions and discussion will be included in our time together.

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Feb 22 2023


6:30 pm - 7:30 pm

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