Offering Support at Any Stage of Your Journey

By sharing tools, information, and services within our community, we can work to demystify treatment, caregiving, and recovery.

Peer-to-Peer Partners

Peer-to-Peer Partners are cancer organizations, hospitals and healthcare systems that collaborate with Imerman Angels to provide cancer support to our respective communities.  Partners share their expertise and resources with our Support Seekers and Mentor Angels, while Imerman Angels provides their communities with comfort and understanding through personalized, one-on-one connections with people who have been there. 

If your organization is interested in partnering with Imerman Angels, please use our Contact form (select “Cancer Organization Looking for Partnership” as the subject) to request more information. 

Cancer Resource Packet

The Imerman Angels Cancer Resource Packet contains over a dozen pages of cancer support resources across 16 catergories. The Cancer Resource Packet is a downloadable PDF so that you always have the vaulable resources where and when you need them. Be sure to subscribe to our mailing list to be alerted when updated versions are released.  If you or your organization would like to be considered for inclusion in the Cancer Resource Packet please contact us.

Spanish Cancer Resource PacketClick here to download the Spanish Cancer Resource Packet.  This is not a translated version of the Cancer Resource Packet, but rather a separate listing of organizations and groups for those needing Spanish-speaking support.

Video Library

Browse our selection of past web conferences and online seminars.  Replay sessions you’ve attended, or catch up on any subjects and themes you may have missed.  If you have any suggestions for future seminars please contact us.

Family Building Information

Family Building Resources

A resource guide of family-building information to consider before, during and after cancer treatment.

Family Building Definitions

Download this collection of helpful terms to know during your family planning journey

Additional Resources

Grief Toolkit

This toolkit is a resource created by and for our community to utilize when assisting others in managing their grief process.

A Journal For Your Journey

Journaling is a powerful tool to calm an anxious mind, reflect and set intentions for the future.  Enhance your self care routine with our custom digital journal.

Cancer Resource Guide

An archive of our newsletter containing the latest news, events and resources available to the Imerman Angels community.

Cancer Warrior Playlist

If there’s anything that can instantly change our mood and environment, it’s music.  The power of music is undeniable.  For cancer patients, music can play an important role in feeling understood when they are at their most vulnerable.  We know how hard the bad days can be, so we created a playlist to help pick you up when you’re at your lowest.