Become a Mentor Angel

Join our worldwide cancer support community as a Mentor Angel and provide personalized, one-on-one support for cancer fighters, survivors, previvors and caregivers.

Why become a
Mentor Angel?

Mentor Angels are a highly valued part of the Support Seeker’s cancer journey. You provide the comfort, connection and empathy needed in someone’s darkest moment simply by listening, supporting and sharing your experience. Mentor Angels are the brightest reminder that we are never alone.

Become a Caregiver Mentor Angel.

Imerman Angels connects those caring for or grieving the loss of a loved one with a Caregiver Mentor Angel. These Mentor Angels can help provide support and comfort throughout their journey. A loved one may be a family member (such as child, parent, spouse, sibling or grandparent) or a friend who has experienced cancer.

Our Mentor Angel Process



We’ll ask you a few questions to start you on your way to being matched with someone seeking support.

Work with


Each applicant works with an Imerman Angels’ Cancer Support Specialist to get screened and trained.

Be a



Mentor Angels remain in the matching database and will be contacted when a compatible cancer fighter, previvor or caregiver seeking support registers for a match.


How do I know I'm ready to become a Mentor Angel?

If you are a former Support Seeker and you’re ready to give back to the community, you might be ready to be a Mentor Angel! You can always reach out with any questions by contacting us or calling 866-IMERMAN (463-7626).

What kind of activities and communication are involved?

Together Mentors and Mentees decide how they would like to keep in touch in a way that is convenient and comfortable. Some examples include: telephone, e-mail, video chat, instant messaging, social media, meeting face-to-face, etc. Starting with these forms of communication every relationship grows in its own unique way, always based on the values of building long-term relationships based on empathy and compassion.

Can I refer someone and/or become a Mentor Angel?

Yes! To refer someone please send them the link to our website and ask them to register online.  They may also call us at 1-866-IMERMAN (463-7626).  You can apply through our website. We can’t wait to meet you!

How else can I support Imerman Angels?

Stay up to date with us on social media or make a donation here.

What are the general commitments for a Mentor Angel?

Each Mentor Angel completes a profile detailing their personal experience with cancer. More than 40 comprehensive criteria are detailed including demographic information, cancer history and treatment. All of your information is kept confidential and is never shared with anyone except the person you agree to support.
Each applicant works with a staff member of Imerman Angels to get screened and trained. Mentor Angels remain in the matching database and will be contacted when a cancer fighter, previvor or caregiver seeking support registers for a match. Once you are matched, each relationship is totally unique and builds on honest communication between you and your Support Seeker.

We are all about filling the understanding gaps in cancer care

Mentor Angels are the backbone of our organization, recruited from around the world to provide support, empathy, and understanding.

We are honored to celebrate the successes of the Mentor Angels in our community. If you would like to share your story of mentorship, please write to us below.