Cancer support hasn’t stopped. Imerman Angels is still here, committed to providing free one-on-one support to cancer fighters, survivors, previvors and caregivers each and every day. We feel so fortunate to be able to continue our services during this time.

This May, we’ve introduced the “We’re All Imerman” campaign to unify our community to ensure no one faces cancer alone, now and for years to come. Thanks to generous matches by the Imerman Angels Board of Directors and The Coleman Foundation, all donations made this May up to $25,000 will be TRIPLED. That means triple the impact on the lives of people facing cancer. If you have the means to donate to Imerman Angels, now is the time.

If you can’t donate – or if you’ve already donated and want to continue to help support our mission – there are plenty of ways you can fundraise for Imerman Angels from the comfort of your own home! Here are some unique ways to gather your friends, family and colleagues to raise money to support cancer fighters, survivors, previvors and caregivers!

Step 1: Pick Your Platform

The easiest way to donate money to Imerman Angels is by using the donate button on our website, but if you’re hosting a virtual party or soliciting donations from friends, it’s best to have your own fundraiser set up so you can easily share your unique link. Two great platforms are Facebook Fundraisers and GoFundMe.

Check out our blog post with easy step-by-step guides and tutorial videos on how to set up a Facebook Fundraiser and a GoFundMe Fundraiser.

Now that your platform is set up, it’s time to have some fun!

Step 2: Choose Your Fundraiser

Below is a list of unique fundraising ideas to have some fun while raising critical funds for the Imerman Angels mission. Every little bit counts; even if you only raise what you feel is a small amount of money, your efforts have paid off.. Plus, throughout the month of May your donation will be TRIPLED!

Each option below involves charging a small participation fee of $5 to $10, or encouraging your guests to contribute a suggested donation. You can thank your friends by offering fun prizes like virtual gift cards, sending a thank you card in the mail, dropping off some homemade baked goods… the possibilities are endless!

Unique Ideas for Virtual Fundraisers

  1. “Quarantini” Party

Virtual happy hours are a great opportunity for friends, family and colleagues to gather while maintaining distance. Host a “Quarantini” party by sending out a few cocktail and mocktail recipes. When everyone gathers on the call, have a taste test and discuss your favorites.

  1. Virtual Fitness Class

Everyone is looking for a way to stay active while stuck indoors. Host a virtual fitness class with a small entry fee or suggested donation. Ask your fitness-instructor friends, or ask around local gyms to see if someone will donate their time to host a professional class. Yoga, spin, Crossfit, Jazzercise… whatever workout floats your boat.

  1. Book Club

Remember books?! Gather friends and family to read a specific book of your choosing within a specific timeframe. Once the book is finished, host a virtual party and book discussion. You can even add personal touches like sharing recipes that are on-theme with the book for everyone to make and enjoy during the discussion. No Cliff’s Notes!

  1. Cooking Class

Are you the queen of banana bread? Or the king of crab cakes? Do you make the best cookies in the US? Break out that secret recipe and teach your friends! Before class, send out a grocery list of ingredients your friends will need to follow along (apps like InstaCart are great for online grocery orders). Position your laptop or phone so you can be viewed Julia Child-style as you walk them through the steps of your recipe. Bake, have a great time, and then enjoy your food together!

  1. Donate to Vote

Give your friends and family the opportunity to see you do something embarrassing! Think of a few funny things you can do – like grow out a huge beard or wear a banana suit to the grocery store- and let your audience decide! Each small donation is a vote, and at the end of the month the silly action with the most votes wins! Don’t forget to send photos and videos to your voters once you complete the winning task. Oh, send us some pics too.

  1. Social Distancing Fun Run

Going outside for a run is a great way to get out of the house and get some activity into your day. Host a virtual fun run where participants pay a small entry fee and you all individually run a 5k around your own neighborhood. Afterward, hop on a virtual call and enjoy a celebratory meal or drink together.

  1. Movie Night

Netflix has a new feature that allows you to watch a movie or TV show with your friends, virtually! Host a Netflix or other movie app viewing party and turn it into a game. Before the viewing, pick a movie and develop a set of rules that result in small donations. For example, if you’re watching The Wizard of Oz, everyone donates a dollar when a character says “there’s no place like home!” This is an engaging and fun way to watch a movie together all while supporting Imerman Angels!

  1. Gaming Tournament

Streaming websites like Twitch have gained popularity in recent months. If you’re into video games, host a gaming tournament! Each participant pays a small fee to enter the tournament. Treat the rest like a “split-the-pot”; the winner receives half of the pot, and the other half is donated to Imerman Angels! Not into video games? This works the exact same way for offline games, like poker or Cribbage.

  1. Trivia Night

Just like the game tournament mentioned above, a trivia night is a really fun way to socialize with family and friends. Break into teams and battle it out with trivia games like Trivial Pursuit or online games like You Don’t Know Jack. The winning team splits the pot with Imerman Angels!

  1. Birthday/Anniversary/Milestone

Birthdays, anniversaries, “cancer”versaries or other milestones are a great opportunity to host a low-effort fundraiser. Just send your fundraising page to your family and friends and encourage them to donate as a gift!